We're murdering Hands of Works!

On Tuesday morning, October 8, 2019, the police took over Hands d'Oeuvres, a cultural place of citizen initiative. The neighborhood is cordoned off, the place occupied for inventory, users gathered in the rain organize an improvised event. We know this scene too well. Intermediate places, third-places, cultural wastelands, fablabs, squats and artists' collectives, how many of our places have fallen?

Thinking culture together [Culture – Democracy, Brussels]

Culture – Democracy, in partnership with PointCulture, La Maison in Brussels and Radio Panik, organized a day of workshops, meetings open to all in order to seize these reflections and to pursue them in a context of sharing knowledge specific to the practices of common. Artfactories/other parts contributed well.

Cultura pensística juntos [Cultura – Democracia, Bruselas]

Cultura – La democracia, en colaboración con PointCulture, La Maison en Bruselas y Radio Panik, organizó una jornada de talleres, encuentros abiertos a todos con el fin de aprovechar estas reflexiones y perseguirlas en un contexto de intercambio de conocimientos específicos de las prácticas de común. Las artfactorías/otras partes contribuyeron bien.

Retour en haut