Administrative closure confirmed for Mix'Art Myrys and grants "suspended"

12 rue Ferdinand Lassalle in Toulouse, home to the activities of the self-managed artist collective Mix'Art Myrys, a member of Afap and Cnlii, had been threatened with administrative closure since mid-January. This was confirmed by order on 20 January. Since then, the collective has also learned that the Metropolitan Council did not renew its annual grant in December without even having been informed.

Third places or the art of doing it upside down

Third places are beautiful attempts at concrete utopias, born of a deep desire for freedom. Unfortunately, they are also a perfect tool to complete the reversal of public cultural policy. The neoliberal ideology does not hesitate to label and institutionalize the precariousness of third places, for its benefit.

We're murdering Hands of Works!

On Tuesday morning, October 8, 2019, the police took over Hands d'Oeuvres, a cultural place of citizen initiative. The neighborhood is cordoned off, the place occupied for inventory, users gathered in the rain organize an improvised event. We know this scene too well. Intermediate places, third-places, cultural wastelands, fablabs, squats and artists' collectives, how many of our places have fallen?

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