Autresparts, a research/action group founded in September 2000 by civil society actors around the relationship between art, territory and society, merged in November 2007 with Artfactories, an international resource centre on artistic and cultural wastelands.

Af/Ap is recognized, at national and European levels, for its work in promoting and developing these civil society initiatives, which contribute to the life of the territories and their cultural development. In 2001, the association contributed in particular to the drafting of the “rapport Lextrait”, supported by the NTA movement (New Territories of Art) and promoted the renewal of cultural action that followed (see rapport Lextrait – in french).

The Af/Ap network is also a second circle of relatives, partners, witnesses and readers who recognize themselves in the association’s work and share its ambitions – project leaders, cultural actors, professional networks, local authorities, elected officials… Af/Ap can count on their support and involvement to develop and relay its action. Af/Ap, in particular, has been involved in the CNLII, the national coordination of intermediate and independent places, since its foundation.

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