Resource centre and platform for research and action, Artfactories/autresparts (Af/Ap) brings together inhabitants, artists, cultural actors and researchers working together to transform the relationship between art, territory and society.

Af/Ap is a national network of cultural wastelands and other intermediate spaces. It has been bringing together since 2007 the resources and capacity to act of some forty places, people and projects spread throughout the national territory (Mix’Art Myrys in Toulouse, La Friche Lamartine in Lyon, Pola in Bordeaux, La Briqueterie in Amiens, Les Ateliers du Vent à Rennes, Gare au théâtre à Vitry-sur-Seine, La Déviation à Marseille, etc.)

As a cultural operator, Af/Ap works with project leaders, institutional actors, local authorities and elected officials to implement cultural and spatial planning projects.

The purpose of the Artfactories/autresparts association is to develop, in France and internationally, the implementation of a common platform for reflection, research-action, transmission and solidarity for the enhancement of project spaces that organize their practices and experiments around the relations between arts, territories and society.

The association will provide itself with all the necessary tools, without this list being exhaustive, to achieve these objectives:
– Implement and develop the resource centre, implement a content editorialization policy,
– Develop support and transmission actions,
– Organize meetings.

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